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Cutthroat Barber Shop Logo Front T-Shirt 1 L, XL, 2XL size mention the size each raffled seperately

3 Cutthroat Barbershop Certificates $35.00 each raffled seperately

Post Magazine 1950 w/AA artical value $Priceless

NU Skin Contouring Lotion Value $55.00

Apple AirPods Pro Value $180.00

Beans and Brew Gift Cards 5 raffled separately

Value $10.00 each

Cutthroat Barber Shop Back of T-Shirt 

Vishine gel nail polish kit with uv light value $45.00

Waterproof Warm Touchscreen Gloves Black Medium value $20.00

Women's Brown Sheepskin Medium value $30.00

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Value $135.00

Samsung Galaxy Buds 

Value $115.00

Doterra Onguard Lotion 

Value $17.00

Doterra hand & body lotion

Value $20.00

NU skin activation eye cream

Value $35.00

16oz Pink Starbucks tumbler w/free 1st refill

Value $25.00

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