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New U Recovery Nepal Trip date

           is October 2018 

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Marsha Stafford

Executive Director
New U Recovery Inc.



I am passionate about my work in Nepal, it truly makes my heart sing. My work here is a chance to give back what has been so freely given to me. I am a face and a voice of recovery and I am here to show the world that treatment works and recovery is possible. No one gave up on me and I will not give up on another who is suffering I will pay it forward. Every day I am sober I will be a tool for God to help another for that I am in debt to him and my fellows. I was shown how to move mountains now I have been given a chance to climb one.

I demand more of myself and believe that we inspire each other to  rise to greater heights. What would you do if you were called to a higher purpose? Would you trust in yourself, your fellows, and a power that gives us everthing we need at just the right time. I did and I am here in Nepal to do what I can to let them know I hear their call for Educational services, Medical supplies and Recovery Tools. Please help me with a donation to continue my work in this beautiful frontier.  As I lean about you I learn so much about myself I  thankful for my teachers along this enlighted journey


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